New York improviser: Whitney Meers

Whitney Meers

Whitney's writing career began at age six, when her first book, All About Me," was published by the New Holland Elementary School Publishing Company. The book received critical acclaim, most notably by Whitney's babysitter, who said "I like your book." Her performance career began in high school, but was cut short when she froze during a monologue competition, thereby blowing her shot at a $10,000 scholarship. This led her to vow never to step onstage again. From there, Whitney would go on to contribute to numerous magazines, newspapers and websites.

Six years later, after graduating from the University of South Florida (located in central Florida) with a joint degree in journalism and anthropology, Whitney enrolled in law school. While pursuing an entertainment law concentration, she decided over-achievement was for suckers and took another chance on performing. Since then, she has performed sketch, standup and improv comedy all over New York City.

Since 2007, Whitney has studied at UCB, PIT and I.O. West. She wrote and performed in Missed Connections and Casual Encounters, a character showcase about people she's met via Craigslist, and co-wrote and performed in the zombie-themed sketch show The Zombie Apocalypse. She's a member of the indie improv team Friends of the Museum and is also the proud owner of a $120,000 piece of paper from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.