New York improviser: T.J. Mannix

T.J. Mannix

T.J. Mannix has been a professional actor, voice over artist, teacher, and acting coach in NYC for 15 years. He has appeared in more than 60 TV and radio commercials - along with roles on “Law and Order”, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, “All My Children”, “One Life to Live”, “As the World Turns,” and numerous appearances on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

He fell hard for improv after studying with Amy Poehler and Armando Diaz, and since then has studied with everyone from Ed Herbstman and Matt Walsh to Tara Copeland. He recently toured with The Second City under the direction of Mick Napier and Matt Hovde.

T.J. was on one of the first Harold teams at UCB (The Bureau), Magnet House teams Pax Romana & Viceroy, and co-hosts both the Wednesday night Magnet Mixer and the Tuesday night Magnet Musical Mixer. He is the founder of the New York Musical Improv Festival and has performed with The Made-Up Musical, The Program, FACE, and Magnet Musical House Teams Rebound & Miracle Baby.

He admits to spending a very dark year working as a Mouseketeer - until a growth spurt left him taller than Goofy. T.J. has learned that some people are extra nice to him because they think he knows Dave. T.J. is a huge fan of the Magnet community, where it's safe to perform smart and honest scene work without getting yelled at.