New York improviser: Sunita Deshpande

Sunita Deshpande

Sunita means "sweet-natured". Deshpande means "landlord". I like people watching, especially at airports, because you can't lie about how you feel when you are saying hello or goodbye. Cats are my favorite animal, but I'm terribly allergic. I a nerd about New England history, especially colonization. For some reason I am addicted to uber-wholesome Hayley Mills' Disney Movies from the 1960s. I hate the song "I Hope You Dance" because I think it is overly-poignant. I was born on June 21st, the summer solstice, and my dad used to say that was the best birthday to have because it lasted the longest and I kind of think it's true. It also means I am a Cancer-Gemini which makes me a sensitive twin or a crab that enjoys witty banter, if you believe that stuff. I am really bad at yoga and dancing. My parents rock my world.

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