New York improv show: Honey! Where Did You Put My Tropes? The Sequel!

Honey! Where Did You Put My Tropes? The Sequel!improv show

Gather around as three improv teams go to-to-toe with the magical GENRE CAULDRON. The way it works is simple, the audience shouts out a film/TV genre, the improvisers will throw various tropes of that genre into the Cauldron. The rest will be revealed during the show! HOSTED BY: Jack Rokicki The teams: TOWELS is: Melissa Parker Caron Lucia Mueller Matt Caron Neil Rohit Mallinar Sean Morin Frances Li MASTERMINDS is: Milind Nimesh Lisa Winters Brendan Kiernan Paul Pallotta Ronney Ascher Stephen Sherwood Andy Beaudoin Jack Rokicki

When:Sat Apr 14 2018 at 10:30pmAdd to my calendar

Where:The Pit Loft154 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

How much:$8