New York improv show: Kettle of Fish (Not the Bar, the Improv Show) - BENEFIT FOR JAPAN

Kettle of Fish (Not the Bar, the Improv Show) - BENEFIT FOR JAPANimprov show

This show is a Special Edition of Kettle of Fish - it's a BENEFIT FOR JAPAN. Ticket sales will start at 9:30. If you cannot be there but want tickets, you should designate a proxy and give that person a check or money for the raffle tickets. Price: 5 raffle tickets for $5, 12 for $10, 25 for $20. Items up for auction (auctions start at $5): * James Robilotta Headshots * Kathleen Miller Headshots * Homecooked Meal by Bethany Hall and Anne Callegari * Dinner & a Movie Date with Poupak @ Bubby's * Cocktails and Homemade Dinner w/ Ari Voukydis and Betsy Stover in Park Slope * A stack of mystery playbills with signatures ranging from Al Pacino, Chris Rock, Christopher Walken and many more! (donated by Jeremy Wein) * Emily Hoffman takes you to an Industry Event * Drysdale and YOU Things being raffled: PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES! * Play with DeCoster - You perform a set with DeCoster at April’s JFIT show * Cohost May’s Underground Americana with Andy Rocco at UCB * A performance with Chelsea Clarke and Brandon Gardner in their show Improv Nerds * Host Kaleidoscope and pick captains (donated by Shaun Diston) * Slot at School Night (donated by Justin Purnell) * Monologist spot for the show Kickball (donated by James Ferarella) * Open slot in the Froduce show (Improv or stand up - donated by James Ferrarella) * Stand Up slot in April 20th's show Undefined (donated by Jeremy Wein) * Perform as The Sixth Man (hosted by Andy Beckerman and Cory Palmer) in April or June, and pick the other teams at the show * Do whatever you want in the next Anybody vs. Everybody show (donated by Jon Monje and Andy Rocco) COMEDY BEHIND THE SCENES! * Three hour practice session with Pam Murphy * Four practice sessions with Pat Baer (Not four hours, Four PRACTICES) * Leila Cohen-Miccio will read your sketch packet and give you notes! * One practice session with Poupak * Three stand up coaching sessions with Michelle Dobrawsky (includes a slot at her show SuperEgo Open Mic) * Two tickets to ASSSCAT’s 9:30 show - No standing in line at 5pm to get them. No waiting on line. (donated by Pat Baer, Chuck Dauble & Austin Rodrigues) EGO OPS! * A Thank You, Robot presents: Summer Fridays themed around YOU! -Free entrance for you and up to four tickets for friends. -You get to pick all of the house music. -Hosting bits about how great you are! -You and friends give all the suggestions for the show. -You perform with TYR (if you want) * Live Performance photography (improv/sketch/band) with Lou Gonzalez * Danger Pin (Samantha Gurewitz & Matt Horton) will write and record your own personal theme song * Doug Widick will produce “a self esteem song fully mixed and recorded & about them to a T” * An in depth personal tarot card reading by Cris Fisher FOOD! * One of Michael Martin’s famous pies * One of Sarah Willson’s famous cheesecakes * Crunk Brunch with the The Mannequin Room * $50 bar tab at Triple Crown (donated by Triple Crown) * $20 worth of Creek food/drinks (donated by Poupak) LEARNING! * Two Free Kickboxing Classes (donated by Master James) * Sue Smith will give you a private yoga lesson * Scuba Diving intro lesson with Poupak * Three 45-minute Japanese lessons (any skill level) with Aiko Ishikawa OTHER HOTNESS! * A "This American Life" gift package, which includes: -This American Life Live - Return To The Scene of the Crime DVD (feat. Dan Savage, Mike Birbiglia, Starlee Kine and a musical performance from Joss Whedon) -Radio: An Illustrated Guide book (about the behind-the-scenes of making TAL) -An Evening with Ira Glass and the New Kings of Nonfiction CD (feat. Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Orlean, and Chuck Klosterman) -The out-of-print 1st Greatest Hits CD: This American Life: Lies Sissies & Fiascoes (All donated by Thank You Robot) * A big bag full of JUARA Cosmetics (donated by JUARA Cosmetics) * Original Art Work by Alice Teeple * Original Art Work by Abbi Jacobson * Photographs (Prints) by Samantha Lee * One awesome 3 to 4 hour roleplaying session, hosted and led by Chris Scott, in the genre of your choice, with up to 5 of your friends (donated by Chris Scott) * A signed playbill by Scarlett Johansson when she starred in A View From the Bridge, for which she won a Tony (donated by Nicole Lee) * Two tickets to Beautiful Soup's Twelfth Night for any date listed that hasn't been done yet. (Donated by Steven McCasland) At this time, we cannot accept any more donations - Thank you all for your help and enthusiasm! Benefit Information: All proceeds will go to the Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund. 100% of your generous tax-deductible contributions will go to organization(s) that directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Tax information: When you purchase tickets for the raffle or win an auction, you need to provide us with your FULL CONTACT INFORMATION. We will send this information and the amount you donated to the Japan Society and you will receive, within 2 weeks, a note from them with tax rebate information. WE WILL NOT KEEP YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION FOR FUTURE USE. We will destroy this document as soon as we have sent it to the Japan Society. This is not mandatory, and will only be collected on a voluntary basis. Checks: We can get checks from you as well. Please make checks payable to Japan Society, and make sure to write in the note section "Earthquake Relief Fund." Please also spread the word - we need to fill that room with people who will actually bid on items / purchase raffle tickets. Jeff Fahey is TRON celebrates differences and encourages new talent. In addition to your hosts, this month's kettle is filled with the following fish: Hosts: Poupak Sepehri & Kirk Damato Improv: Squirt! Improv: Thank You, Robot Improv Jam! And as usual, Jeff Fahey is Tron will take on YOUR differences and improvise a whole show around it! Guest improviser: Kirk Damato. FREE show; mention UCB specials for drinks and food.

When:Thu Mar 24 2011 at 10:00pmAdd to my calendar

Where:Triple Crown330 7th ave. NYC

How much:Free

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