New York improv show: SUMMER DAZE 2

SUMMER DAZE 2improv show

Summer's racing by, and we want to soak it all in at least one last time before it's gone. Summer Daze is back, bing bongs! Warren is excited to bring some of the best improv teams from the NYC scene together for a day-long mini-festival that's, no doubt, going to be hella fun top to bottom. We're also stoked to be bringing this community together to meet, hang out, share laughs, and just plain have fun together. Everyone's rad, and everyone should be rad together. Muchmore's is rad too! They're letting us do this crazy thing! So come out, laugh, crush some sick brews, grab a handful of some dope chips, and let summer wash over you one last time.

When:Sun Aug 17 2014 at 3:00pmAdd to my calendar

Where:Muchmore's2 Havemeyer St‎ Brooklyn, NY 11211

How much:Free

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