New York improviser: Shawn Amaro

Shawn Amaro

Shawn Amaro has been Directing/Performing for almost 2 decades. His passion for production has taken him around the world and back to his favorite city, New York. He is currently working on a few projects close to him but is always welcoming new work.

Shawn started performing in improv regularly in 1996. In 2005 he started doing musical improv and helped found Los Banditos del Canto in 2007. They have been performing ever since. He has gone through all the levels of Upright Citizens Brigade, Magnet Theater and Comedy Sportz. He has trained at the Peoples Improv Theater and with coaches such as Armando Diaz, Michael Myers, Eliza Skinner, Billy Merritt, Seth Morris, Kevin Mullaney, Kevin Allison, Jim Pitt, Ernie Privetera, Jeff Griggs, Jill Bernard, Michael Martin, Jeff Hiller, Anthony King, Chris Kula, Charlie Todd, Kimmy Gatewood and Frank Spitznagel.

Though he considered Directing/Performing a hobby he has recently chosen to make it a full time career. Currently he produces commercials for local businesses and comedic shorts. He loves taking a small idea and turning it into the next big thing.

If you have any projects such as commercials or short films, Shawn will gladly help you with them. He has built a team great people to help make any project run smoothly. Budgets can accommodate cameras like the RED or as simple as a Canon 7D. No matter the budget, quality always remains the top priority.