New York improviser: Shaun Fisher

Shaun Fisher

Shaun is best known for being North Coast's primary beatboxer for over two years. As a member of North Coast he can be seen performing all across New York at the PIT, Magnet, and UCB and throughout the US at Boston Improv festival, Washington Improv Festival, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the New York Musical Improv Festival and Chicago Improv Festival. A Florida native he moved to New York and has been studying improv under amazing instructors such as Rick Andrews, Micah Sherman, Silvija Ozols, and Gavin Speiller. Shaun co-teaches classes with James Robilotta on how to incorporate freestyling and beatboxing into long form improv.

He can also be seen performing non rap improv with his groups Gerard's Butler and Duchovny.

He desperately needs attention so Check him out on YouTube: