New York improviser: Sean Costello

Sean Costello

Sean Costello has studied at the UCB theatre for about 2 years now. He's studied with Porter Mason, Kevin Hines, Doug Moe, and Zack Woods. His love for improv was sparked by a show he saw and he was hooked ever since. He quickly joined CW Post campus' Improv Club Say Anything Improv and then was invited to play with another troupe on campus SGF Improv. Sean can now be seen performing in The Best Medicine.

Sean Costello is Senior at the Cw Post campus of Long Island University. He's BFA major in Film. Sean's specialization is in Cinematography. His most recent work was as director of photography for "Hansel and Gretel" an adaptation of the Grimms brothers fairy tale. He's soon to start work as director of photography for another film titled "My Marty".