New York improviser: Scott Modrzynski

Scott Modrzynski

Scott Modrzynski: CPR certified graphic artist, improv performer, freelance writer, sports mascot in faraway lands for the likes of the AA-Texas League's Frisco Rough Riders and NHL's New Jersey Devils, and occasional snake charmer.

After leaving the Double-A baseball affiliate of the Texas Rangers and 2004 Texas League Champion Frisco Rough Riders in 2004, Scott moved back east, working under the bright lights of the Big Apple for advertising giant BBDO as a junior designer. Scott left BBDO in the summer of 2006 to reunite with his one true love, the ocean. From his lofty perch atop a lifeguard stand, Scott acted as a freelance consultant for advertising agency The Gate Worldwide, branding firm Thackway + McCord, and E*Trade Financial, home of those funny commercials where the babies buy stocks online and drool onto the keyboard.

In the fall of 2007, Scott secured the position of Coordinator in Marketing Department of the New Jersey Devils. The title doesn’t describe the job very well, as he designs print ads, collateral and those pocket schedules you fit in your wallet, edits and maintains the official team website ( as well as social networking affiliates on Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally pitches in with a new marketing initiative from within the confines of his 12-foot balloon costume of a devil sporting a mohawk.

All the while, he takes improv classes at the UCB Theatre in New York City and has been toiling away with a movie script, viewed by two legitimate studios, and unanimously brushed aside. He hopes to wed Lady Gaga someday.