New York improviser: Sasha Capelli

Sasha Capelli

Sasha is from West New York, NJ (yes, West NEW YORK--crazy right?!) and currently dwells in Brooklyn, NY. She studied theatre and film at Fordham University. She worked in radio for 6 years, behind the scenes and on the air at multiple terrestrial and online stations.

Sasha has had a passion for improv since high school and played with various indie teams in college. Since radio, is, well, radio she moved on to improv fully and began her formal training at the PIT in NYC. She is currently on the last level of the PIT and taking sketch writing there as well.

Check her out with MMDK (her 10,000 hours house team) Sundays at the underground theatre at the PIT. For more information on 10,000 go to

She is also actively performing in Inbox, her indie team. Make sure to check out the rest of her teammates' teams as well, they are swell!