New York improviser: Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford

Sam grew up in the small town of Middleborough, MA, where he cultivated his love of comedy and theater and other nerdy things like D&D and crappy sci-fi movies. He joined a short form improv group at Clark University in Worcester, MA, called THE PEA POD SQUAD in 1998-2000. After changing schools and changing majors and graduating with a BFA in film production from Chapman University in Orange, CA, in 2003, Sam moved to New York. He has studied at UCB, The Magnet Theater and The P.I.T. since 2005. He has studied under Betsy Stover, Owen Burke, Chad Carter, Brian Huskey, Eli Newell, Zach Woods, Chris Kula, Charlie Sanders, Rebekka Johnson, Doug Moe, Joe Wengert, Mark Grenier, Anthony King, Christian Cappazolli, Michael Delaney, Porter Mason, Amey Goehrlich, Marcus Bishop-Wright and Kirk Damato. A member of the now dormant improv trio, SEVEN FOOT BABY, who went to the 2008 Hawaii Improvaganza and participated in the 2007 Indie Team Cage Match. Occasionally, he performs as Beast in X-PROV, an X-Men themed improv group. And currently, Sam performs with the puppet improv collective known as SOCK, featured most recently in the 11th Annual Del Close Marathon alongside fellow puppet group, PUPPET REGIME.

In addition to movies and puppets, Sam also really likes his cat, Hugo.