New York improviser: Robot Brentt Harshman

Robot Brentt Harshman

In August 2013, Brentt Harshman snuck onto the team Horseshit. Randy Reiman, the founder of Horseshit, exiled Harshman to the Zelphor Quandrant of the Dexaria Galaxy. Once there, Brentt's human composition proved unstable and could not survive the harsh Zelphor conditions. The Zelphorian Princess PP15LYXI fell in love with Brentt, much to her father's chagrin. She snuck the Earthboy to an underground science society, who was able to rebuild him into a atmospheric-sustaining cyborg. Though her love was intense, she knew she had to set Brentt free. Thus, Robot Brentt Harshman departed the Dexaria Galaxy with a newfound purpose. To rejoin Horseshit... and destroy it from within.