New York improviser: Rebecca Siegel

Rebecca Siegel

Rebecca Siegel, 26 years old, has been passionate about performing since a young age. Taking advantage of her hometown of New York City, Rebecca has performed and studied both straight and musical theater since childhood. After being introduced to improv comedy at her performing arts camp in middle school, Rebecca studied and performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade, the Magnet Theater, and with her improv group Uncle Dad. While pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies at Haverford College, Rebecca performed with her school’s long form improv group, The Throng. The group performed regularly at her school and in festivals nationwide. While at Haverford, Rebecca took a semester off and participated in the Walt Disney World College Program. After graduating in 2010, Rebecca relocated to Orlando, where she has been working as an actor and improviser at Universal Studios and Sea World in a number of year round and seasonal shows, including the host of Disaster Studios!, which relies heavily on her improv skills, the host of the Shamu Rocks preshow in its 17,000 person stadium, and as many atmosphere characters. Rebecca is a member of the professional ensemble at Orlando’s improv theater, SAK Comedy Lab, and performs regularly in the theater and at corporate gigs. She has also performed in many shows outside of the theme parks, which have allowed her to strengthen her acting, improv and singing skills, and develop new areas of knowledge including freestyle rap, musical improv, and some stunt and dance ability. Rebecca is fluent in Spanish and Italian and comfortable in many dialects.