New York improviser: Karen Sepulveda

Karen Sepulveda

Don't let this hair fool you, I can't double-dutch. Luckily growing up in New York City has taught me other things; like how to jay-walk during rush-hour. Good thing I'm married to the game... the Improv game! I am an Advance Study Performance Student at the Upright Citizens Brigade, actor for Boogie Manja's Buff Cousins, former house  performer for Zodiac at Thunderbolt Comedy, and I improvise with my improv indie team Sir Carter Carter. I am also the former co-host and co-creator of Street Class Podcast, where you can hear people talk about how to make it in NYC as performers of color. Check out my archived episodes below. I am a Eugene Lang, Liberal Arts College at the New School, alumna of color. I am also pursing a Masters of Arts at American University for Journalism and Digital Story Telling.