New York improviser: Lynae DePriest

Lynae DePriest

LynaƩ is multi-faceted performer from Chicago. She studied improv at UCB under Keisha Zollar, Brandon Gardner, Shaun Diston, Lydia Hensler, Zack Willis, Chelsea Clarke, and John Timothy. She was on house team Charlie Foxtrot for the inaugural round of The Armory, performed with Pinscher in SuperNova, and performed with Meat Shovelor for Reckless Instant Teams. Her favorite word is spoonerism and her favorite color is orange. She can be seen regularly testing out material in her cubicle with her adoring fans at the buffer job, spreading improv and positivity with her team King Zebra, and coming out with the cast of TYFCO select months out of the year.

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