New York improviser: Andrew Harriss

Andrew Harriss

Andrew Harriss is an actor and writer in New York City. In addition to a veritable buffet of plays, sketches, and short films he has written two successful seasons of the hilarious web series "White Liars", the short films "€œThe Friday Before Christmas"€, "€œMoroccan Birdhouse"€, and "€œBest Friends Club"€ as well as various sketches and his one man show "€œFilibustero"€ a comedic adaptation of a filibuster with dialogue directly from the congressional record. Andrew can be seen regularly performing with his team Buster and quite often with Wide Eyed Productions, an indie theatre company which he has been a member of since 2007.€ This sunny Californian received his BFA from Hofstra University on Long Island and has been in culture shock ever since.