New York improviser: Nick Afka Thomas

Nick Afka Thomas

A Brit.

One-half of husband-wife sketch and improv duo @WeAreThomasse, but by comparison just one-fifth of recently-formed legend Macwood Fleet (@MacFleetTweets). All of us trained at UCB.

Once, in a former life back in the UK, part of the Oxford Revue (university comedy group that some of Monty Python and all of Rowan Atkinson were in) and the world's longest-running sketch show: Newsrevue- a news satire show updated weekly with impressions, singing, dancing and fast-paced comedy. I always lost weight doing it.

Writing scripts for @Studio13 film production company.

Published a board game and published a book on sudoku. And published newspaper articles about math.

For you, however, I make comedy.