New York improviser: Ryan Barker

Ryan Barker

Ryan Barker is a writer/performer from a small town in Virginia you've never heard of. He's been studying and performing improv at UCB since 2015. Ryan has had the pleasure of working with wonderful teachers and coaches like Shaun Diston, John Timothy, and Keisha Zollar. Before transporting to NYC, he graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Theatre Arts with a focus in performance and a minor in Creative Writing. You can currently find him touring the indie circuit with his wonderful friends and teammates of Liberal Media.

Upcoming Shows

Tue Dec 19 at 9:00pm @ Triple Crown. Featuring Bougie, Duran Duran Duran
Every third Tuesday of the month Duran Duran Duran gets together some of their favorite comedians for a night of comedy and trivia. Past prizes range from a free beer to random stuff we find around our apartment!
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