New York improviser: Monica DiNatale

Monica DiNatale

Monica DiNatale is an experienced live performer, television host and actress. Monica has hosted nationally distributed segments utilizing both her improv and memorization skills. With her smile, charisma and warmth, she is instantly approachable both on-air and in person. Her improvization skills, crafted by study with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, assure confidence in any situation. She is a pro with Teleprompter, Green Screen, and live man-on-the-street interviews. Being a founding member of “Trapper John” has helped her embrace her “funny” and improve her game. Monica has appeared in many commercials, television shows and films. Credits include ESPN, The Sopranos, Cox Cable and Rensil D’Silva’s film, “Kurbaan”. Her passions include cupcakes, wandering the streets of New York City and Seinfeld repeats.

Monica won a 2006 Writer’s Guild Award, and a 2008 Writer’s Guild Nomination, for her creativity and professionalism behind the scenes as well. She is a correspondent for iFood.TV and her blog at averages more than 2 million hits annually. To learn more visit