New York improviser: Molly Austin

Molly Austin

Molly Austin: Comedian, Writer, Actor, Producer, Director, New Yorker.

Born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for herself, Molly Austin eventually overcame these handicaps to become a conjurer of charm, a wizard of wit, and a queen (or king, depending on your religious views) of komoidía!
Molly has been performing with The Peoples Improv Theater since 2006 and has studied improv as well as sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Molly also stretched her acting muscles at the Deena Levy Theater Studio for two years and can now cry on command.
Nowadays you can find Molly grabbing a slice of pizza on St Marks, performing stand up at multiple comedy clubs on the mean streets of New York City and blogging for the ever fashionable Alice+Olivia.
Molly is also 1/2 of the smash hit web series, EMOTISTYLE.
She wants to make you laugh in your hearts and maybe start a hair braiding circle.