New York improviser: Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss

In March 2004, Mike Weiss had a Midlife Crisis. However, unlike many men his age he didn't buy a motorcycle or find a mistress. One might say that Mike was sensible and had integrity but the real truth was he couldn't afford either of those things. So, after a great deal of introspection (which costs nothing) Mike Weiss decided to pursue his childhood dream and become a comedian. Since that epiphany, Mike has performed at hundreds of comedy clubs and private events all over the country. In 2007 he was a featured performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Also a skilled improviser, Mike has appeared as various characters on Chicago's Man-Cow Radio Show and recently made his film debut in the independent feature "Cain's Mark." In 2009 he teamed-up with his then 13 year-old daughter and formed the improv duo, "Grandma Hates Technology." Aside from their home base in NYC, Grandma Hates Technology has performed in 7 festivals including the Philadephia Improv Festivall, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. As a Producer Mike has created several shows including "Mike Weiss' Comedy Crisis" and "Middle Age Wasteland," the latter due to be recorded as a CD later this year.