New York improviser: Mike Trapp

Mike Trapp

Mike Trapp is a proud writer for the Maude Team Stone Cold Fox. He has been studying with the UCB Theatre since 2008 under Erik Tanouye, Neil Casey, Kevin Hines, Doug Moe, and Dominic Dierkes. Before moving to New York, Mike attended Dartmouth College, where he performed improv and sketch comedy with the group Casual Thursday, and wrote for the campus humor magazine, The Jack-O-Lantern. During his time there, he created and coordinated the popular “Drinkin’ Time” prank, which subjected him to innumerable insults from YouTube commenters. He has also worked as a contributor for MTV’s Popzilla, and can currently be seen performing improv with the indie team Medium Cool. Mike loves to cook, and will happily make you dinner if you ask nicely.