New York improviser: Mike  Frollo

Mike Frollo

Mike Frollo started studying improv at UCB way back in the dark times of 2009, before all cars could fly and ghosts had equal rights. He took six years off, during which he mainly ate a lot of Doritos and walked around Chicago. Mike started studying improv again in the spring of 2016, at which point the entire world changed, and that's why Donald Trump is President now. He's sorry.

Mike has studied with Jon Gabrus, Brandon Gardner, Chelsea Clarke, Oscar Magallanes, Johnna Scrabis, Joey Price, and Jessie Jolles, at both UCB and the School of Hard Knocks. He has previously performed with the teams Kickable Dog and Nannertubes, and currently performs with Baxter, which is an improv team and not a person. He is from New Jersey, and is nice.