New York improviser: Meghan Brown

Meghan Brown

Meghan is an actor and improviser who grew up in Montreal, but abandoned a life of free health care and six-month-long winters to attend a fancy-pants American college, and has lived south of the border ever since.

She was introduced to longform improv (incidentally, by a friend from the aforementioned fancy-pants college) in 2007. Since then, she has studied improv at the New Actors Workshop, the PIT, the UCB and the Magnet, and has performed all over the city with Leave it to Beavers, The Bibliophiles’ Appreciation Consortium, and Boat Action!, and all over the U.S. and Canada (well, New York, Boston and Montreal, really) with Dearly Beloved, performing The Wake. She also performs musical improv as part of Midnight Matinée, and thinks musical improv may well be the funnest thing ever.

Meghan loves knitting, hates summer and is allergic to every common North American environmental allergen. She is also a lawyer.