New York improviser: Megan Maes

Megan Maes

Megan has been studying improv since 2006. She has used her BA in Theatre Arts (emphasis in Acting) to shimmy her way into higher education at both UCBTNY and The Magnet. Megan is a member of PIT Musical Improv House Team HEMLOCK and Baby Wants Candy TourCo. Megan has also graced the UCB sketch stage in NEWSADOOZIES: A Man-Eating Musical and the occasional turn in The Bachelor: Romance, Roses, and Romance. You can catch Megan on Comedy Central in D.L. Hughley's The Endangered List, SyFy Network's Viral Video Showdown, and frequently in the webseries Quest For An Unknown Planet. Past teams include WARBUCKS, EAST SIDE ORPHAN RIOT, HARVEY, Zamboni! The Squad, The Evente, and The Parmesan School of Modeling. Megan could tell you that she is an agent for Improv Everywhere, but then she would have to kill you. In the meantime you can catch her online at, the Dr. Coolsex YouTube Channel, and several online commercials. Follow her on Twitter @themeganmaes where she plucks Smash from the tree ripe with fodder.

Need a musical improv coach? Want to do a musical improv workshop with your current team/band of merry ragamuffins? E-mail me at:

Past beloved teams include Joe Loves Hobos, Bedtime Stories for Kidnapped Children, Wildhorn!, Zamboni!, and PIT Musical House Team Harvey.

Hometown: San Diego, CA.