New York improviser: Melissa Parker Caron

Melissa Parker Caron

Melissa is a New York improviser. A graduate of the PIT, she studied with Nick Carrillo, Chris O'Brien, Jamie Cummings, Matt Higgins, Chris Griggs and Sarah Nowak. She dove straight into Musical Improv at Magnet Theater under the direction of Michael Lutton and Nikita Burdein. Currently, Melissa is working her way through the UCB improv program learning from Chelsea Clarke, Matt Dennie and Doug Moe. She's worked with and workshopped with coaches Dana Shulman, Megan Baker, Anthony Oberbeck, Jon Bander, Tim Martin, and Philip Markle.
Catch her on stage with indie teams TOWELS!, RSVP, and The 29th St Revue.

Likes: Magic, boardgames, your pets and salty snacks
Dislikes: Hot weather, humidity, sweating, the heat, summer, when it's hot out...