New York improviser: Matthew Parody

Matthew Parody

Matthew Parody was born on the 25th anniversary of Hawaii's statehood and the world has never been the same. In the years of the Roman Republic he was known as Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus. In the present he is an aspiring actor with dreams of improv grandeur. Matthew has performed with 6 other improv troupes across Long Island and NYC. He was the co-star of a local public access television show, Zam Zex, and had a principal role in the film Reality Kills: The Burningmoore Incident. He has two college degrees, an AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in History. He is passionate about ancient and classical history, mythology, paleontology, zoology, biology, genetics, evolution, Sci-fi, and fantasy.
You can also find him on iTunes on the following shows, Probably Questionable Podcast & The RPG Academy.
He dreams of producing and running a improviser cast through a table top role playing game for an audio Actual Play/Radio Drama, if you're interested, now you know.