New York improviser: Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan is a tall drink of water from the state of Alabama, complete with a set of almost antiquated manners, all "yes ma'ams and "yalls." His interest in improv came from watching Saturday Night Live in his junior high years. He got his start in the locker alcove of Weaver High School by performing Weekend Updates he had memorized from scripts he found on the internet.

He began his improv studies at The Upright Citizens Brigade in January of 2010 completing its core program and has been accepted into their Advanced Study Program. He has been influenced by the teachings of Kate Spencer, Anthony Atamanuik, Betsy Stover, Pam Murphy, Ben Rogers, and Achilles Stamatelaky.

Matt likes to drink Mountain Dew and sweet tea, seperate of course. He enjoys reading "coming of age" books and likes Jason Mraz's music a little too much quoted as saying, "I was a fan before all this 'I'm Yours' bull crap." After reading his journal to find info for this bio, it was discovered that he once had a dream about having sex with Lady Gaga while she was filming a new video. When the camera was at her back, and only Matt could see her face, Gaga sweetly lipped to him, "Don't your dare cum in me."

[i]"His brand of wonky, delirious hysteria effects everyone who works with him. [His humor] is a flailing, farting, discombobulating sort of rebellion."[i] -Nathan H.

[i]"I swear I have never dropped him."[i]-Matt's mom

[i]"You have such a beautiful voice."[i] -Ingrid Michaelson

Hometown: Weaver, AL