New York improviser: Matthew Jaen

Matthew Jaen

Matthew has loved improv from afar for years. Upon reflection, he also sort of did improv without knowing he was doing it. In both Junior High and High School, he had a weird way to strike up conversations. He would make up hypothetical scenarios and played them out with people. This of course drove his friends crazy to no end. All his favorite comedians were improvisers or had improv backgrounds. He kept telling people he wanted to take improv classes and would eventually. Life rolled around and Matthew got distracted. Then in 2013, he finally bit the bullet and signed up to a free improv class at The Magnet Theater. When the class was done he was hooked. He thought "Why didn't I do this sooner!" Since then he has taken improv, musical improv, and sketch classes at The Magnet, UCB, and Annoyance Theaters. They were taught by awesome teachers like Rick Andrews, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Terry Withers, Jordan Klepper, Don Fanelli, Christian Capozzoli, Armando Diaz, Beth Newell, Michael Lutton, Ryan Dunkin, Gavin Speiller and Mark Grenier.
But you can sum it all up by one phrase:
I love improv...isn't that enough?