New York improviser: Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher is a writer and performer in New York City and a member of the celebrated comedy group Sidecar. He began improvising at the tender age of fourteen and subsequently performed in all of the white-hot comedy meccas of New England: Providence, RI, Springfield, MA, Watertown, CT, and coastal Maine. After five years with his Boston group, Improv Foundry, he lit out for New York City and the UCBT, where he improvises every Friday night with The Law Firm and has appeared in many beloved shows, including Sidecar Presents Condiment City, Waiting For Obama, and This One's For The Losers.

In 2009, Sidecar was awarded the Best Writing award at the New York Television Festival Independent Pilot Competition for their pilot Homeschooled. They took this award as a dare and returned the next year with Illuminati Brothers, which won the Best Comedy and People's Choice awards. Since then, they've become insufferable.

Matt proudly resides in Brooklyn with his wife.

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