New York improviser: Lou Lasher

Lou Lasher

Hey! I've been doing improv since 2007, or for a seriously long time if you count guitar and bass guitar-- jam band, blues, rock, folk etc.

I've studied this stuff with Jeff Michalski, Meghan Duffy, Becky Drysdale, Lennon Parham, Neil Casey, Will Hines, Zach Woods, Shannon O'Neil, Porter Mason, Curtis Gwinn, Andy Secunda, Sivija Ozlos, Anthony King, Mark Grenier, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, James Eason, Alex Marino, and Armando Diaz. I've taken writing classes with Jeff Michalski, Caitlin Tegart, Randy Pearlstein, Eric Drysdale, and Armando Diaz. So I ken writ good n stuf. I've study acting with Bruce Ornstein. I've been lucky to work with some great improv coaches too: Nels Lennes, Marcus Bishop Wright, Dave Siegel, Matt Chesmore, Amanda Allen Clarke, and many others. Man, that is one hell of a list. I suspect I should be better at this stuff.