New York improviser: Kelly Q E Hudson

Kelly Q E Hudson

Kelly Hudson is a video editor and sketch/improv comedian currently residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She began improvising (short form) in Olympia, WA with the only comedic improv team in town, Improv Robot. She moved on to the growing improv scene in her hometown of Austin, TX, joining Wooden Nickel, an established long-form improv team, directed by Jen Cargill. She still occasionally guest performs with Wooden Nickel’s reincarnation, $10 Bourbon.
Moving to New York City in the summer of '06 introduced Kelly to the opportunity to study under such comedians as Joe Wengert, Charlie Sanders, Charlie Todd, Chris Gethard, Anthony King, and Curtis Gwinn at the Upright Citizens Brigade, which she promptly did and continued to do. She formed the improv/sketch team, Kape in 2006 and has kept that little flame going ever since ( She also had the pleasure to perform for some time with NYC improv sensations: Fat Penguin and Snacktime. She currently clip-clops about with her monoscene team, Pony Party and occasionally exposes the world to the nasty (well, not that nasty) improv of Pee Pee. By day, she is a video editor for programming aired on Vice Broadcasting (VBS.TV).

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