New York improviser: Keith Moser

Keith Moser

Keith Moser is a resident of Allentown, PA. He used to be a #theatrewhore before joining the Lehigh Valley's short-form troupe The Associated Mess in 2012. Shortly after becoming a founding member of 4AM in Thailand in January 2013, he transformed into an #improvwhore and started studying at the UCB Theatre in NYC. He was a member of Flighty Ducks from September 2013 through 2016. In 2016 he joined Steel Stacks house Harold team, Little Torpedo, before they transformed into present weekend team, Dream Carnival.

He has taken classes & workshops with Second City's TourCo, Chelsea Clarke, Achilles Stamatelaky, Gavin Speiller, Brandon Gardner, Kevin Hines, Terry Withers, Michael Delaney, Johnny Meeks, Billy Merritt, Betsy Stover, Jimmy Carrane, Chris Gethard, Lou Lasher, Nick Luciano, & David Siegel so far. He plans to continue studying improv whenever his beautiful wife allows him.

Keith tweets at @Ponch22.