New York improviser: Keilana  Decker

Keilana Decker

Born with no inherent sense of humor, Keilana Decker has spent the past twenty-five years learning to mimic the comedic instincts of others. Accessories to this deception include roving improv outlaws Dave Razowsky, Amy Seeley, Eric Hunicutt, and James Grace. Accomplices include respected instructors Doug Moe, Keisha Zollar, Nicole Drespel, and Achilles Stamatelaky of UCB Theatre fame as well as Rick Andrews, Alex Marino, Louis Kornfeld, Alan Fessenden, and Peter McNerney of Magnet Theatre enthusiasm. Keilana is doing very well in New York by the low standards of her small hometown in Chico, California and her mother thinks she is very beautiful, which everyone knows is more valuable than being funny until you get old.