New York improviser: Karen Summerton

Karen Summerton

You can find Karen on your TV in Partners in Crime as a vulnerably funny and sassy assistant spitting out witty lines on USA Network, or on the stage playing zany characters from pop culture, or improvising an entire movie on the spot.

On the small screen you can bet she'll be playing bit characters on Saturday Night Live as a Kardashian sister or a Monster Girlfriend in Monster PALS; bratting out as a teen mom to a baby wolf on Nikki & Sara Live; or getting Valentine's Day stoned to death for being part of a cute couple on The Onion News Network

In addition to acting, she's also a director, writer, and a producer. She starred in and co-wrote "The Karen and Jackie Show," a pilot for ABC. And also directed and acted in a pilot for Disney XD called "Not So Super."

Karen is performing all over New York City, catch her in improv, stand-up, solo, and sketch shows. She is head of her own production company that creates comedic digital shorts. Check out