New York improviser: Justin Kiernan Byrne

Justin Kiernan Byrne

Justin Kiernan Byrne is a writer and performer based in New York City. He has performed and studied improv and sketch comedy since 2003, when he was cast in his college improv troupe, Live Nude People (with clothes on). At UCB, Justin has had the immense pleasure to study with John Frusciante, Brandon Gardner, Chelsea Clarke, Gavin Speiller, Shannon O'Neill, Neil Casey, Laura Grey, Lydia Hensler, and Will Hines. You can catch Justin at the Beast every Sunday at Indie Cage Match. Outside of UCB Justin has studied with the Groundlings, and the PIT, and with masterful instructors Rebecca Drysdale, Amey Goerlich, and Christian Cappozoli. Additionally, he has studied drama at UC Irvine, Playhouse West, and Stella Adler.

Justin is a full time art and technical director at a badass advertising technology company you've probably never heard of. He's really good at pointing a camera at things, and if he has time he'll probably shoot your cool web video idea. 70% of people call him JKB.