New York improviser: Josh  Krebs

Josh Krebs

From the dusty plains of Plano, Texas Josh spent his time being raised by his Korean adopted parents and literally raising hell in the suburbs thanks to his penchant for seances and love affair with old ancient Samarian resurrection texts where he rose Scatman Crothers from the dead and learned about love.

He has since then moved to New York where he has made his way around the theater scene doing shows such as "Twelfth Night" and "A Clockwork Orange". He has written for the sketch group "Keanus School For Acting" and has been awarded the American College Theater Festivals award for excellence in ten minute play writing two years in a row for his plays "Static" and "The Audition". He also contributes whenever he can to his blog of humorous essays at [[/url]

He is a student of the People's Improv Theater and is a proud member of The Martin Sheen Shower Hour.