New York improviser: John Sartori

John Sartori

JOHN SARTORI hails from way upstate New York (exactly where is probably nowhere you'd recognize anyway, so don't worry about it). He has been writing/performing sketch since August 2006 and currently is part of the sketch groups Busted Knuckle and Ay Que Funny. Since April 2008, he's been studying/performing long form improvisation at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in shows such as The Movie and with indie teams such as Supercrab, Half of 4 Cupcakes, and Wolfman. He's appeared in numerous Mammal Sketch short films, voice over projects, and animated shorts. He made his television debut as a glorified extra in "30 Rock" and "Rescue Me." He can also eat food like any animal...really, really accurately. You should watch it some time. It's scary how accurate it is.