New York improviser: Jodi Jett

Jodi Jett

JODI JETT (yes, that’s her real name and no, she’s not related to Joan) is an improviser, actor, writer, filmmaker, photographer, singer/songwriter and dating coach (see She studied completely unrelated-to-comedy-or-acting subjects (Science and Spanish) while attending Kansas State University and SUNY Stony Brook. In 2005 she released an album entitled “Revelations” which received critical acclaim and was compared to the stylings of such musicians as Lou Reed, Mazzy Star and P J Harvey. Since then, Jodi has found a love for comedy, starting with comedy songs & videos such as “Pocket Rocket” and “My Boyfriend Is Dead Inside.” She studied improv at The PIT, The Magnet and Second City(Chicago) and is part of a QSIC (The Queen's Secret Improv Club) team called Ricki's Lake that performs weekly in Long Island CIty at The Secret Theater. Check out what she’s doing at and