New York improviser: Jocelyn Drew

Jocelyn Drew

Jocelyn was born on a blustery Christmas Eve in the year 1985. Shortly after birth, her father became concerned that his daughter was a reincarnated stripper. Jocelyn’s propensity to perform Taylor Dane songs whilst wearing nothing but a belt and a pair of her mother’s snakeskin stilettos may have indicated an unsavory future, but most certainly a future in the entertainment field.

Initially channeling her energies into musical theatre, Jocelyn quickly landed the role of Molly in the Marlborough Middle School production of “Annie Junior”. This spellbinding performance caught the attention of many; her Grandmother referred to the role as, “Worthy of $20 and a dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.” Other positive reviews suggested Jocelyn had a natural ability to command the stage; her younger sister remarked, “You were okay.”

In the summer of 2010, Jocelyn decided she was funny and took a class at the UCB theatre. She flourished in the art of makemups and continued to register for classes. In her spare time, she loves performing on her indie teams, penciling in her eyebrows, smelling nice, and petting her dog’s bellies.

She is beautiful.