New York improviser: Jessie Frith

Jessie Frith

FYI: Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean. It is much further north, with its nearest landmass being North Carolina. If you find yourself with a genuine quest for knowledge regarding the Bermuda Triangle and its many conspiracies, use the Google, not this improviser. She may have been born and raised on said British Isle but she will not entertain your Triangle inquiries. Not anymore. But she would love to improvise for you!

Making it up since 2007, she has had the honor to work under the tutelage of Lennon Parham, Zach Woods, Charlie Todd, Joe Wengert, Doug Moe, Kevin Hines and a handful of other talented improvisers.

She loves a man who can wear Bermuda shorts with knee socks and she always laughs quite zestfully at farts.