New York improviser: Jenny Gorelick

Jenny Gorelick

JENNY GORELICK is an improviser for play and a company manager for work, but also for plays. She performs improvised action movies on the house team BRONSON at the Reckless Theatre. She studied improv comedy at UCB, Reckless Theatre, & the Annoyance NYC. She received a B.A. in Theater Arts & Business from Brown University where she performed with IMPROVidence, Brown's oldest & cutest improv troupe.

Upcoming Shows

Fri Mar 3 at 10:00pm @ Reckless Theatre. Featuring Bronson
It's a 1,000 or so years in the future. The world has changed. The world needs saving from robots, clones, aliens, dictatorships that force children to murder eachother on reality tv for sport, famine, mass warfare, the destruction of th ...
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