New York improviser: Jeff Kornberg

Jeff Kornberg

Jeff Kornberg is a musical comedian & improviser hailing from Edison, NJ (the home of the
light bulb). He has written over 30 comedy songs since 2003 and, has performed with comedians Mike Birbiglia, Michael Showalter, Rob Paravonian, Bo Burnham, and Kel Mitchell (From Kenan and Kel). He won 2nd place in Stand-up NY's "Music is a Joke" Musical Comedy Competition. In addition, Jeff founded the Full Ammo Improv Troupe, the official improvisational comedy troupe of Penn State University, and wrote a full length comedy play entitled "A Completely Rehearsed Show" that went up in December of 2006, in which the main character was randomly chosen from the audience 5 minutes before the play. He also writes and performs sketch/improv comedy with
his group ManVsComedy. See more of Jeff's comedy at