New York improviser: Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein has been seen on most TV stations in the UK and Australia and none here. Therefore no one believes he is actually a comedian. He was on Conan and Showtime here but hasn't been invited back. He yells about politics sometimes on MSNBC and gets hate mail from bigots. Also he cowrote a real book that comes out in October from Simon and Schuster. Good stuff.

He cohosted a monthly show at the UCB Theater, Citizen Radio Live, that has featured Janeane Garafalo, Moby, Sarah Silverman and other people more famous then him. His podcast Citizen Radio is a weird political comedy show that features many top UCB improvisors and sometimes Noam Chomsky.

He also has performed his one hour solo show at the UCB which was featured at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He has done monologues for ASSSSCAT NY and LA. He likes improv more than standup and is doing everything in his power to do more of it.