New York improviser: James Ferrarella

James Ferrarella

James was born and raised in Queens, NY. He had studied at the UCB since early 2008 under teachers such as Jon Wengert, Jeff Hiller, Curtis Gwynn, Erik Tanouye, and Will Hines. He is a founding member of the long running improv group, Froduce.

James also works heavily at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City. He is the producer behind Froduce Comedy That's Good For You, The Arena, Superstar, and Wednesdays With Harold. He also helped organize and run both the 1st Up the Creek Improv Festival and the Fall Up the Creek Fest. He is also the technical director of the Creek and runs tech for many of the creek shows including the Kaleidoscope and Improv Nerds.

When not at The Creek or UCB, James can be found wandering around begging for change.