New York improviser: Jaime Hazan

Jaime Hazan

Jaime Hazan, Musician and Accompanist
Improv Biography
I’m a native New Yorker who accompanies diverse and talented musical improv troupes in the NYC circuit. I first played the piano at age 5, along with my parent’s Barry Manillow LP (Go Mandy!) and consider Barry the “guy that taught me to play” but consider artists like Billy Joel, Elton John & composers David Foster, John Williams & James Horner to have been most influential in musical pursuits. Coincidentally, Barry and I share the same birthday (not year)!

As musicians, many people shape our careers, but the person I’m most grateful for is “Gene.” The musical “Gene” that made it into my body -which let’s me feel the mood and express it through the Ivories and the Electric Bass. I’m exclusively an improv piano player with no formal conservatory training or note reading ability, so I simply play from the heart.

I completed my first long-form improv training program at Gotham City Improv, and as a singer studied musical improv at The People’s Improv Theatre as well as The Magnet Theatre in New York.

I made the transition to Improv Pianist in 2010 and now consider The Magnet Theatre to be my home base for accompanying Musical Improv troupes as a part of the Musical Megawatt rotation and the Magnet Musical Mixer Band. I have also performed at The PIT, UCB, Chicago City Limits, Comedy Sportz and The Castillo Theatre All Stars Project. Some indy troupes I’ve accompanied include: The Made Up Musical, Vox Pop & Diamond Lion. I’m an accompanist understudy for Broadway’s Next Hit Musical.

I am grateful to all the actors I’ve had the privilege to accompany but perhaps most honored to have the guidance and support from Frank Spitznagel. Thank you actors, audiences, most of all for opportunity to practice what I love.

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**Keep your eyes peeled for a 2012 reality television show. Can’t say much now, but I’m being featured as a musician on a show and network that shall remain nameless!