New York improviser: Jacob Horn

Jacob Horn

Jacob did some improv in high school, switched to a cappella in college, and then moved to NYC where improv came back with a vengeance. His urge to syllabize, harmonize with, or beatbox to any music whatsoever - a residual effect of the a cappella - continues to make him an unpopular guest at parties.

Jacob studies at UCB and likes going to shows when he should be sleeping. You can find him on Twitter @JacobMuses.

Upcoming Shows

Mon Jun 5 at 7:30pm @ Otto's Shrunken Head. Featuring Denise!
Got a case of the Mondays? Why not start your week off with some laughs instead? Let Denise! and friends put some fun back into your week with a little improv comedy and maybe some other surprises thrown in.
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