New York improviser: Ian Herrin

Ian Herrin

Ian is the Academic Director for The Greenhouse, an improv guild in association with The Armory offering six week courses and specialty electives coming in September of 2019. Signup now!

Currently, you can catch Ian on the UCB Lloyd team Hotcake in addition to hosting, producing, and starring in the Ian Herrin Improv Hour at the PIT Loft monthly also on Sunday nights. You can also catch the live show's companion podcast on alternating Sundays and can listen and subscribe to that here:

Ian has worked with 100+ different improv coaches including to name only a select few: Lydia Hensler, Nicole Drespel, Christian Capozzoli, Frank Garcia Hejl, Eddie Dunn, Anthony Apruzzese, Jackie Jennings, Molly Thomas, Sean Casey, Carrie McCrossen, Zack Willis, Abra Tabak, Casey Jost, Chelsea Clarke, Brennan Mulligan, Mike Kelton, and OKAY I'LL STOP NOW BUT THERE ARE SO MANY MORE GOOD ONES.

Contact for booking one of his many active indie teams, to inquire about his coaching availability, to request your team be booked in IHIH, or to just more generally receive a polite reply message from a very nice young man.