New York improviser: George Despotopoulos

George Despotopoulos

The secret is out...Random George is no longer hiding. He is out and about for the world to see. From a modest family, a first generation Greek-American, George found his purpose in life through his appearances on the hit cable-access series, The Chris Gethard Show. From there his journey began. But, rest assured, the mysteries that surround this polarizing character have not all dissipated...much more is to be revealed.

Some memorable quotes about George:

I Anti-Endorse Random George. Random means having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective. George has an objective of murdering us all, therefore he is not random. - Shannon O'Neill
(*it is important to note 'George' is in reference to the Random George character and not George the person who played Random George. George is a sweet and loving individual who engages in what can only be described as Jesus Christ-like behavior.)

"Rumor has it that Zach Woods is Random George." - Chris Gethard

"Random George is one of the most fascinating elements of our show. We are not kidding or exaggerating when we say we HAVE NO IDEA who is beneath that black suit. Anytime we attempt to hang out with Random George he remains in character and in costume the entire time. It is truly incredible." -Keith Haskel aka Bananaman

"The reveal of Random George blew my mind for some reason. 3 years of going to the public access show and I wondered the whole time who was underneath that costume. Also, he once handed me a small eraser of a colonial ship when he was giving out Valentines Day candy (still have the eraser)." -Meghan Ross (unsolicited tumblr comment)